eOperator robotic piece-picking solution for AutoStore

Increase automation, decrease operational costs, and boost overall profit.

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What it does

eOperator enables automated handling of goods stored in AutoStore by combining award-winning RightPick piece-picking technology from RightHand Robotics (RHR) with software from Element Logic.

  • Range: Pick, place thousands of SKUs
  • Rate: Fulfill orders at high speeds for a strong ROI
  • Reliability:  Get customers what they ordered
  • Ready:  Run with eManager WES, WMS, WCS or any warehouse management software


What you get

  • A robotic arm, camera eyes, and a gripping hand with suction and movable fingers
  • Compatibility with AutoStore
  • An intuitive user interface​ for easy operation
  • Operational dashboard​ and service portal​
  • Real-time, mobile-compatible statistical reporting​


How it works

eOperator robotic piece-picking solution for AutoStore has cameras that serve as eyes and an advanced multi-function gripper with gripping fingers and a suction cup that can be used independently or simultaneously.  It is a cobot (collaborative robot) designed to work independently or in tandem with humans at the same picking station for maximum flexibility. 


Technical features

  • Camera sensors with model-free vision
  • Best-in-class multifunction gripper
  • Cloud-connected, fleet-learning AI
  • Machine learning for optimal performance efficiency
  • A powerful Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) for fast handling of enormous amounts of data


Unsure if your SKUs are suitable for robotic piece-picking?

Order our pickability analysis for a physical test to demonstrate how well the eOperator picks and places your SKUs. You will receive a report with the test results, a cost / benefit analysis, and recommendations tailored to your individual needs.