Boozt expands its automation before Black Friday – becomes the world’s largest AutoStore installation

First, the e-commerce company Boozt installed warehouse automation through the AutoStore system from Element Logic. Then they expanded last year and now they are making another big expansion to meet the increased demand, and to be able to broaden the range to their customers.

When people have been more at home due to the pandemic, e-commerce has increased in general and Boozt is no exception, rather the opposite. The e-commerce company with headquarters in Malm̦, Sweden, has had an incredible growth journey over the past years. It is common for companies to continue to expand their AutoStore solution because the system comes with a high scalability factor. Change in customers buying patterns mean that Boozt now needs to prepare for upcoming peaks Рespecially before Black Friday and Christmas.

Boozt will once again be the world’s largest AutoStore warehouse

The new expansion of the system includes as many as 180 robots, 210 000 bins, 43 ports for picking and delivery flow. With this installation, Boozt once again becomes the world’s largest AutoStore installation.

The total solution includes an impressive 673 robots, 719 000 bins and 205 ports.

The installation will not interrupt the daily operations, and Boozt can have full operation throughout the expansion process – and thus keep its customer promises.

– To always be one step ahead and be able to ensure continued strong growth and a continued good customer experience, even during growth peaks, Boozt and Element Logic are constantly discussing expansions of their AutoStore solutions.

With our growth and our customer promise of delivery within 1-2 days, it is extremely beneficial for us that the process is both fast, and can be scaled up during ongoing operations, says Jimmy Duholm, Warehouse Director at Boozt.

– Boozt is doing great and it is exciting and gratifying to see how they grow and adapt. Together, we work closely with an open dialogue, where we plan long-term to be able to make the right extensions at the right time, says Marcus Rasmusson Aftermarket Director at Element Logic Sweden.

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