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Modular, scalable warehouse automation systems that deliver results

Warehouse automation systems by Element Logic

We help you maximise the success of your business by delivering warehouse automation solutions that fit your needs. As the original AutoStore partner, we have decades of experience creating profitable and sustainable solutions for our customers.

We offer order modular, scalable fulfilment systems built upon proven technologies and extensive expertise to empower you to meet – and exceed – the demands of your customers.

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Base your system on AutoStore – industry-leading warehouse robots

As the world’s first AutoStore partner, and market-leading system integrator in Europe, we offer you a wealth of in-depth experience with automated warehouse solutions for customers in a wide variety of sizes and industries. Save space, cut costs, boost warehouse efficiency, and strengthen your profitability with an AutoStore system delivered by Element Logic.

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Use our software to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse

For decades, we have developed software solutions that deliver value. Our software ecosystem allows you to execute, operate, and manage end-to-end automated warehouse solutions.

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Robotics solutions

Take your system to the next level with robotics solutions to further enhance performance

Element Logic has always been a technologically driven company, and we were the first to successfully integrate robotics piece picking technology with AutoStore. This technology allows you to increase your order capacity, goods handling, and fulfilment speed.

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Material Flow Handling

Create optimal workflows with the best in breed material flow handling systems

As each AutoStore solution is unique, the optimised material flow handling differs from warehouse to warehouse. We design integrated conveyor technology systems around your AutoStore to maximise the amount of daily transaction picks and your overall profitability. Our material flow handling includes goods movement, protection, material control, and waste disposal.

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Get the most out of your investment in automation

Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to provide order fulfilment solutions based on your needs, industry requirements, and AutoStore best practices.

Design and Consulting

We design custom solutions for optimal ROI

As our customer, you will be assigned a designated team of AutoStore and intralogistics experts. They will help you quantify all aspects of your operations, develop ROI calculations and create payback analyses to identify the perfect solution. Based on the results, the team designs a custom warehouse automation system that fits your needs and preferences.

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System Delivery

Utilise our unique experience in construction and project management

For a smooth construction phase, each customer has their own project manager. They will be your point of contact and coordinate all delivery and construction aspects. With decades of experience in warehouse automation services, our project management provides predictability and security during site preparation, construction, installation, configuration, testing, and handover – ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

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Get the most out of your AutoStore system with dedicated employee training

We strive to provide value and success to our customers and offer extensive training in AutoStore, software, and material flow handling solutions. Competence and expertise are deciding factors for success, and we invite selected employees to get additional training to become Super Users.

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Service and support

Get access to support and proactive service to maximise your uptime

It is crucial for us that you succeed. Our dedicated support team will always be ready to help you in any way they can, and help you find areas for improvement and growth. Our focus on great and accessible support, combined with a proactive service team, allows us to continuously find ways to extend equipment life, increase productivity and maximise your overall profit. We are proud to be one of the most accessible and service-minded companies in the industry.

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