Boost your AutoStore performance with Element Warehouse Control Software 

Element Warehouse Control Software (EWCS) is designed to optimize AutoStore warehouse performance. It enables you to maximize the efficiency of your AutoStore warehouse processes, boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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What you get:

  • AutoStore software application developed by Element Logic
  • An AutoStore-optimized user interface
  • Built-in operator assistance for accomplishing AutoStore tasks
  • Product location and inventory control
  • Operational dashboard and service portal
  • Management of AutoStore warehouse processes
  • Integration with ERP / WMS and a variety of warehouse supply-chain systems

Why choose EWCS

World's First

EWCS harnesses our superior AutoStore knowledge and strategic commitment as the world’s first AutoStore distributor.


EWMS enables our customers to achieve superior AutoStore performance by providing:

  • Superior AutoStore process handling
  • User-friendly, configurable user interface
  • Flexible and dynamic order queue set-up and handling
  • Efficient task prioritization
  • Automatic deviation handling


  • Minimum training time
  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased productivity
  • Fast order processing

Fast ROI

The strategic combination of a configurable, standardized platform enables EWCS to evolve and continue to meet customer and market demands.


EWMS is based on a standardized, “plug-and-play” platform that is configurable according to different customer needs and industry requirements.


  • Low risk
  • Guaranteed capacity and availability
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Fast ROI


No matter the AutoStore size, EWCS scales to fit warehouse needs.


EWCS successfully manages AutoStore warehouses of all sizes and is scalable based on several parameters (system users, bins, robots, ports, transactions, etc.).


  • Adaptable to customer needs
  • Aligned with customer growth

Flexible integration

EWCS supports fast and flexible standardized import, export, and transport integrations with various customer systems.


EWCS integrates directly with:

  • Customer ERP/ EWCS for continuous inventory control, order updates, order fulfillment, shipping, etc.
  • Transport Management Systems (TMS) for packing at the AutoStore port, or automated packing and labeling
  • Manual equipment, such as put-to-light (PTL), printers, etc.
  • Automated equipment, such as conveyor systems, etc


  • Compatibility with customer systems
  • Fast order processing
  • Fast goods to operator
  • Increased productivity

Streamlined Processes

EWCS simplifies warehouse processes through standardized, streamlined procedures.


EWCS supports combining goods arrival and putaway, enables picking and packing at the port, and simplifies the return process through reduced process steps and integrated QA.


  • Increased operator efficiency
  • Faster availability of goods for picking
  • Reduced number of transactions
  • LEAN production


EWCS is customizable to fit the needs of various business models, including e-commerce, wholesale, and retail.


EWCS supports different processes for e-commerce, wholesale, and retail orders, such as:

  • Picking strategies (e.g. batch picking, wave picking, serial picking,)
  • Scanning procedures
  • Packing and printing strategies (e.g. content labels)
  • Customized operator instructions


  • Business-specific customizations
  • Streamlined AutoStore processes
  • Increased efficiency


EWCS adapts to meet warehouse requirements for a wide variety of industries.


EWMS supports warehouse processes for many industries including, but not limited to:

  • Apparel
  • Sports Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Electronic Components
  • Parts Distribution
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • 3PL
  • E-commerce


  • Industry-specific customizations
  • Streamlined AutoStore processes
  • Increased efficiency


Our in-house R and D software engineers drive AutoStore EWCS quality and innovation by staying in-touch with market trends and customer needs.


To achieve this, our engineers visit customer warehouses, stay up-to-date on market requirements, perform user case studies, and evaluate new technologies such as robotics accessories.


  • Adaptable to evolving market trends
  • Continuous warehouse optimization
  • Improved productivity


EWCS is created using well-established tools and methods to ensure long-term adaptability to industry changes.


Our software is developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technology running on a combination of Microsoft Azure® and locally installed servers.


  • Stable and scalable
  • Widely used globally
  • Supports mobile applications, Windows server applications, and cloud-based microservices

Integrated support

EWCS is supported by an integrated support team with a high level of competence in both EWCS and AutoStore.


The Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines access to one point of contact for all support, service, and maintenance requests. In addition, updates and upgrades for continuous improvements are ensured through a maintenance agreement.


  • Optimization of system performance
  • Increased system up-time
  • Increased productivity

EWCS is the AutoStore integration software with a proven track-record of satisfied customers.

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