eManager: AutoStore software to manage your automated warehouse

eManager is our own order fulfilment and AutoStore software, developed to maximise your automated warehouse efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. It is the portal to all the information you need to optimise your operations and prepare for growth.

eManager has a user-friendly interface with built-in AutoStore operator assistance. With eManager, you constantly have product location control, inventory control, custom processes on goods received, return handling, refill, and pickings. Your employees will get thorough training on optimised usage.

Integrates easily with your current WMS

The software can be implemented promptly with your existing warehouse management system (WMS). The integration can be done with our standard settings for fast ROI or be custom configured by our team of experts to fit your needs and preferences. Combining a configurable, standardised platform enables eManager to evolve and continue to meet customer and market demands.

"eManager is the brain of AutoStore, making it efficient and enabling all components of your warehouse to communicate with each other for an optimised workflow."

— Theresa Marin Tantillo, Solutions Architect, Element Logic.

Developed by superior AutoStore knowledge

Element Logic is the original AutoStore partner, and to develop the perfect software for AutoStore, we harnessed our decades of knowledge and strategic commitment. This expertise has resulted in software that significantly increases the accuracy, productivity, and processing for our customers.

A considerable strength with eManager is its ability to prioritise outstanding tasks efficiently. It automatically sets up a flexible and dynamic order queue systems for handling of wave picking, batch picking, returned and high-frequency products, and more – all to fit your needs. Learn about how we create optimal workflows with our material flow handling systems.

The software you can count on

eManager is developed to ensure long-term adaptability that can withstand industry changes. It is stable, scalable and supports mobile, server, and cloud-based services.

Our integrated support team is experts in both eManager and AutoStore and is available if any issues or questions arise. The support team can also provide you with a monthly advanced service and maintenance diagnostics report.

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