Robotic piece picking solutions

eOperator is Element Logic’s machine learning-driven robotic arm. It has a proven record, it works with AutoStore, and it’s the future of logistics.

Increase automation and boost your profit

eOperator enables automated handling of goods stored in AutoStore by combining the award-winning RightPick piece-picking technology from RightHand Robotics with AutoStore software from Element Logic. When AutoStore delivers an item, the robotic arm picks it and fulfils the customer orders at high speed. It can pick and place thousands of products, and by eliminating human error, your customers will always get what they ordered.

Our robotic piece picking hardware can integrate with AutoStore, as well as our eManager solution and any other warehouse management software.

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The robotic arm – a new level of automation

eOperator is the employee who never gets tired, who can operate in the dark with no heat, and who never needs a sick day. It’s “brain” runs on a powerful Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) designed to process enormous amounts of data quickly. Our piece picking robots use machine learning to complete complex tasks: with every task, they learn how to grip items of different sizes and shapes in the most efficient manner.

The robotic arm does not replace the human employees – it works together with people to ensure a profitable and optimised workflow. With eOperator, the number of human touchpoints decreases dramatically, and the flow from the warehouse to the customer becomes more efficient. For your employees, this means that they can work smarter, not harder. Their workday will be more ergonomic, and their level of responsibility higher.

"Using RightPick technology as a piece picking system to amplify the performance in an automated warehouse is one of the best examples of machine learning entering the intralogistics industry. This is the future of automation."

— Sutharshan Nadarajah, Technology Director, Element Logic

How it works

eOperator consists of the robotic arm, a camera that serves as its eyes, and a gripping hand with suction and moveable fingers. eOperator’s advanced logic identifies the quickest way to pick an item in a split second. This ability to adapt, learn and improve makes the robotic piece picking arm unique and gives your AutoStore solution a major advantage.

The robotic arm also comes with an intuitive user interface, operational dashboard, and service portal. To ensure that the eOperator performs as it should, you have access to real-time statistical reporting.

eOperator is designed and developed by Element Logic and has been successfully integrated into several customers’ AutoStore warehouses. Contact us today to see how and when we can bring your warehouse to the next automation level.

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Solar automates its warehouse with an AutoStore solution by Element Logic.

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