Material handling system optimised for AutoStore

At Element Logic, we help customers fulfil their orders. To build solutions that are profitable and sustainable, our flexible material handling solutions are essential.

A material handling system includes movement, protection, storage, material control, and disposal. Every step the materials have on their journey through your automated warehouse is optimised to the automatic processes of AutoStore – ensuring efficiency, predictability and, a safe work environment.

Warehouse automation by Element Logic revolves around and is tailored to AutoStore. We partner with the best-suited suppliers of the necessary hardware and external technology in each market and custom-build it to your needs. The material flow handling is a core part of the end-to-end solution to optimise the inbound and outbound flow of goods.

"Our flexible approach to material flow handling adds value to the customers' AutoStore experience. Each system design is optimised to ensure the customer gets the most out of the solution."

— Michael Kawalier, Managing Director Sales, Element Logic Germany

Creating a reliable and efficient workflow

Typical solutions include conveyor belts to optimise the flow of goods from delivery to AutoStore and from the AutoStore picking port to the transportation area. Depending on the installation scope, the total solution may include packaging machines for cartons or bags, automatic carton erectors, labelling machines, sorting systems for outbound orders, and internal distribution within the warehouse.

A material handling system with conveyors, packaging, and sorting systems is the next level of automation. Combined with AutoStore and eManager (our warehouse and AutoStore software), these processes create a reliable and efficient workflow your company can grow with.

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