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AutoStore® is a unique Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) suitable for any business within retail, e-commerce, and distribution that wants to increase efficiency, boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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Imagine a warehouse that saves up to 80% floor space, is scalable, and offers flexible capacity by storing goods in stacked bins serviced by high-speed robots. This is what you can achieve with AutoStore. 

How it works

The AutoStore system includes battery-powered robots, storage bins, operator ports, and an aluminum grid. The bins are housed in the grid and each order is processed at high speed, with the robots working on top to take bins to and from operators at designated ports. 

AutoStore systems are fully customizable to fit your available floor space in any geometric shape and size you may need, both in existing buildings and new ones.  In addition, they are scalable and modular. 

Need extra storage? Add grids and bins.
Need extra handling capacity? Add robots and operator ports.

AutoStore® consists of the The Red Line system & The Black Line system, offering different amounts of bins, bin heights and speed. Depending on your specific needs, Red Line and Black Line can operate independently or in combination.


We can guarantee less picking errors, continuous inventory control, branch leading availability and no single point of failure. Overall AutoStore® will improve your ability to handle orders quickly and safely, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Element Logic - your preferred AutoStore provider

As the world’s first AutoStore® distributor in 2003, we are experts in AutoStore systems.

Our years as the world’s sole AutoStore provider gave us unique insight into how to optimize AutoStore systems. Since then, we have continued to develop and deliver industry-leading AutoStore solutions and services tailored to industry requirements and customer needs.

Over the years we have witnessed our customers save tremendous amount of space, boost warehouse efficiency, strengthening profitability and save costs due to the AutoStore system.

Go Green

Traditional warehouses are designed with human workers in mind- from the use of space to lighting and temperature. Automated warehouse solutions by Element Logic provide space-efficient and energy-conscience alternatives.

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Read the FAQ to get answers to common questions about the AutoStore system.

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What is AutoStore
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Learn more about the Black Line system

Expanded storage without moving. Increased performance without hiring.

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