A prime example of how warehouse automation takes logistics and e-commerce to the next level

The rapidly growing retailer Boozt sells 400 000 products to customers every month, and the number continues to increase. In order to keep up with the demands of the consumer they chose Element Logic as their system integrator for warehouse automation, with Element WCS® and AutoStore®.

“Our cooperation with Element Logic has been outstanding, and it’s only natural that we continue on this path together”, says COO in Boozt, Niels Hemmingsen.


Warehouse optimisation for the future

The common goal of Boozt and Element Logic has been to enhance both companies’ competitiveness with the integration of warehouse logistics and e-commerce.

Boozt chose to implement Element WCS® and AutoStore® because of the practical benefits of the system, among others the possibility to integrate different systems, like ERP, WMS and Element WCS®. The system can also be expanded on demand without shutting down ongoing operations.


Boost of efficiency

Boozt first installed an AutoStore® System at their central warehouse in Ängelholm, Sweden in March 2017. Once the new AutoStore expansion is complete it will be the world’s largest AutoStore installation, featuring 500 robots and 500 000 containers.

“We’ve been operating our AutoStore since the end of March 2017, with very encouraging results. In order to keep up the good work, we’ll proceed with Element Logic in expanding our present AutoStore”, says Hemmingsen.

The integration of Element WCS® with Boozt’s own ERP has proven to be a real booster for the online fashion distributor, improving workflow, customer satisfaction and delivery time.

Overall the upgrade has reduced the need for storage space by a factor of four, thanks to AutoStore’s unique and compressed design.


An ever-growing business

In just seven years Boozt.com has traded for over 200 million Euros. They experienced further growth in 2018 when the warehouse was further expanded.

“Good support and dialogue is important when you automate. Our cooperation with Element Logic ensures that our robots work 24/7”, says Hemmingsen.


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