Element Logic can help reduce your carbon footprint

Traditional warehouses are designed with human workers in mind- from the use of space to lighting and temperature. Automated warehouse solutions by Element Logic provide space-efficient and energy-conscience alternatives.


1. Reduce electrical costs

Robots don’t need environmental settings to work.  By turning off the lights and lowering the temperature, our clients have seen up to a 75% reduction in their electrical costs.



2. Increase energy efficiency

AutoStore robots run on rechargeable batteries and generate much of their own energy that returns power to its batteries. Ten AutoStore robots use the same amount of electricity as a vacuum cleaner and can easily run on solar energy.


3. Increase space efficiency

We design highly space-efficient AutoStore solutions that take physical obstacles into account for warehouses of any size. This has enabled our customers to increase their storage capacity while reducing their overall warehouse footprint by up to 75%.


4. Reduce waste

Store products, not trash. In partnership with our customers, we design warehouse processes and systems for waste management and recycling.

Do you want to learn more about these and other benefits?

AutoStore utilizes sustainable technology; it is strategically designed to include few components.

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