E-commerce company Cellbes invests in automation

Cellbes, one of Northern Europe’s leading e-commerce players, had a cramped and crowded warehouse and needed to modernise. They chose to expand, outsource operations, and automate their warehouse with an AutoStore solution from Element Logic.

The Group, with Swedish ownership and head office in Borås, operates in 9 European countries. In Sweden, they have around 200 employees, dominated by e-commerce sales with focus on online fashion for men and women and an interior assortment.

From mail order company to pure e-retailer

With an overfilled warehouse, it was decided in the summer of 2021 to expand and modernise the warehouse. In connection with the extension, Cellbes went from a manual to an automated warehouse solution with AutoStore from Element Logic – and chose to outsource operations. All changes are about streamlining warehouse operations, with the transition from mail order companies to pure e-retailers, meeting the needs of the end customers.

“This investment is a big step forward for us and gives us the opportunity to focus on the development of Cellbe’s e-commerce and our overall offering. This also gives us the opportunity to continue the expansion in a professional manner, while at the same time meeting our customers’ expectations for lead time and delivery,” says Charlotte Nordén, CEO of Cellbes.  

Phase 1: focus on picking and packing  

In phase 1 of the automation, the focus is on picking and packing and managing 62 robots and 15 operator ports. “We are pleased that Cellbes has chosen to invest in the good quality, cost-effectiveness and flexibility you get in warehouse operations through AutoStore. Automation is a natural way to go when logistics change as radically as it does now. Especially in retail and e-commerce, with completely different competence requirements,” says Anders Bohlin, Sales Director at Element Logic Sweden. 

The AutoStore system is designed to handle 1,700 order lines per hour and has a conveyor system connected to handle incoming, outgoing, sorting and waste.  

“This is a very good example from our Swedish colleagues. The customer’s warehouse is overcrowded, and efficiency needs to be improved. The strategic move they are now taking in modernising, expanding, and automating their warehouse with AutoStore will significantly increase efficiency, with a system they can grow with to continue meeting customers’ increased demands for short delivery times.” says Mats Bjerkaas, Managing Director Element Logic Norway.

Facts about Cellbes’ automated warehouse:

  • 15.000 m2
  • 1.700 order lines
  • 200 employees
  • 60.000 bins
  • 63 robots
  • 15 carousel ports

Commissioning is expected to take place in the summer of 2022.

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