Element Logic is Great Place to Work-certified in seven different countries

We have had fun at work since 1985 and have no plans to stop: In 2023, Element Logic will be Great Place to Work-certified in seven countries.

Our employees have spoken. Element Logic is once again certified by Great Place to Work now in seven different markets: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, and Colombia.

Great Place to Work is a worldwide employee survey measuring employee satisfaction. Credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and community are the five dimensions that are measured. For a workplace to participate in the survey, there must be a minimum of ten employees. A Trust Index score of 70% is required to get the certification.

“I am delighted that all markets that were able to participate got certified as Great Place to Work,” says Group CEO of Element Logic, Dag-Adler Blakseth.

“At Element Logic, we aim to be a people-centered organisation where we can grow and have fun together. These certifications show that we are on the right track, but we will also use the survey results to find improvement areas”, Blakseth adds.

Element Logic was established in 1985 but has, in recent years, seen robust growth. In 2022 alone, Element Logic went from 250 to 770 employees. That is a threefold increase in one year!

CEO of Great Place to Work Norway, Jannik Krohn Falck, is impressed by Element Logic`s high work environment score – especially given its rapid growth.

“Element Logic has succeeded in developing a good and efficient culture across countries while multiplying its employees in one year. This is a solid achievement, driven by management and employees who know that culture is crucial to success”, says Falck.

Working strategically with the workplace culture will become increasingly important in the time to come, according to Blakseth:

“We have many new faces every month, and our company is present in a growing number of different markets. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to bring our company together, gather around our common values, and continue developing the Element Logic workplace culture where we all can grow and have fun together.”

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