Six golden rules for choosing the right warehouse automation software

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In today’s highly competitive market, the utilisation of warehouse automation software and data can radically transform the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations. However, achieving increased revenue and optimised warehouse performance requires an investment in software that effectively address the actual challenges you face.

Software designed specifically for warehouse operations not only improves business performance but provides a complete supply chain picture to help management teams make informed choices about the company’s future.


Here are Element Logic’s six golden rules for choosing the right warehouse optimisation software:


1. User-centric and collaborative

Software is regarded as user-centric when it’s user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible. This is only possible if software developers work closely with actual users to understand their pain points and incorporate their feedback during product development.

The goal should be to achieve a seamless a “plug-and-play” solution that doesn’t require user manual or extensive instructions for implementation.

2. Standard and scalable

Most customers prefer out-of-the-box warehouse automation software as it reduces complexity and offers ease of integration. However, in cases where a customer requires custom functionality, it is essential for the software provider to ensure that the customisation benefits the broader customer base.

Element Logic’s warehouse software suite is a very good example of this approach – through extensive deployments and user feedback our solutions have been optimised incorporate numerous new features and functions.

This continuous improvement process is driven by user experience, usability testing, and our internal expertise, ensuring that our software meets the evolving needs of our customers while maintaining the benefits of a standardised solution.

3. Modular design

One of the main advantages of software solutions with modular design is flexibility – it allows you to pick and choose the modules and functionalities you want. This means you can automate processes and functions tailored to your exact needs.

4. Seamless experience

To establish a fully interconnected warehouse optimisation software, it is essential for the software to seamlessly integrate with existing external systems. By operating your entire hardware fleet through a central software repository with a unified interface for all tasks, you can streamline operations, saving both time and money.

5. Competitive advantage

Investing in cutting-edge technology makes maintenance and further development more manageable. It also ensures that your warehouse automation software remains agile enough to easily integrate with new technology to add even more value to customers, giving you a competitive advantage.

 6. Data-driven

Data-driven software provides valuable insights for the users and for itself. Such intelligent software tells warehouse workers which tasks they should prioritise, while also leveraging data to identify more warehouse automation opportunities.

Some key areas your warehouse automation software should be able to provide data on include:

  • Order peaks
  • Product popularity
  • Technical information on robots and hardware
  • Picking speed
  • Historical orders
  • Equipment maintenance


A lucrative combination

The implementation of warehouse robotics and automation bring numerous benefits to businesses, including increased storage capacity and improved process accuracy, leading to enhanced overall productivity and a reduction in reliance on manual labour.

But this can be taken a step further: by integrating an advanced, robotics-based ASRS system, such as AutoStore, with intelligent warehouse automation software,  organisations can experience a transformative shift by not only automating repetitive, labour-intensive, and non-value-adding tasks, but also by generating data-driven insights that inform smarter business decision making.

Posted by Gavin Harrison, UK Sales Director, Element Logic.

If you want to optimise your operations and improve your bottom line, why not learn about implementing a warehouse automation solution and software from Element Logic?

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