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Who are Element Logic?

Since 1985, Element Logic® has been optimising warehouse performance. We have extensive experience in designing and installing tailor-made solutions that streamline our customers workflow. No matter the warehouse size or industry, our robotic solutions, material handling systems, software and consulting services help improve our customers’ value chain, be more profitable, and meet the end customer’s expectation of next day or even same day delivery.
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AutoStore, Automation Made Easy.

As the fastest order fulfilment system per square meter on the market, AutoStore offers the highest storage density of any Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS). AutoStore is a flexible and scalable robotics solution made up of 5 modules that can be designed and adapted to your building and is easy to expand during operations when your business grows.
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Robotic Piece Picking Solutions (eOperator)

eOperator enables automated handling of goods stored in AutoStore by combining the award-winning RightPick piece-picking technology from RightHand Robotics with software from Element Logic. When AutoStore delivers an item, the robotic arm picks it and fulfils the customer orders at high speed. It can pick and place thousands of products, and by eliminating human errors, your customers will get what they ordered – every time.
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Element Logic Software Solution (eManager)

eManager is our own order fulfilment software for AutoStore, it is developed to maximise your automated warehouse efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction. It is the portal to all the information you need to optimise your operations and prepare for growth.
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