Is AutoStore only for warehouses with low height?

Many customers ask us whether AutoStore only works well as an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) in warehouses with restricted vertical space, given the high-density storage solution it provides. The short answer is, no.

AutoStore’s cubic structure is fully modular and tailored to meet the specific needs of each operation, maximizing the use of all available space for storage. Its adaptable design accommodates various ceiling heights and fits efficiently into existing warehouses of virtually any shape and size.

So, an AutoStore system from Element Logic can be designed for different layouts and is capable of integrating any columns or pillars that may exist in a space and adapting its shape to the circumstances of the building itself, regardless of its size.

Optimising warehouse space

 Warehouse space optimisation is an even more important competitive factor than the warehouse’s height, especially in a market where floor space is limited and prices continue to rise. In this context, you could have a high-rise facility and yet have it remain underutilised.

AutoStore allows for storage with the minimum amount of air possible, offers the highest density of bins per square meter on the market, and therefore provides the best use of space. Companies using this technology are reporting savings in storage surface area of up to 80% compared to any conventional shelving.

This means that AutoStore solutions can be installed both inside buildings with limited available height and in buildings with greater heights, allowing for a doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling of a company’s inventory capacity.

What is the maximum height that AutoStore can reach?

 The maximum height is 16 bins (for those that are 330 mm) or 24 bins for those that are 220 mm, which translates to a total height of 5.4 meters. If you add the robots, side fences, and service area, the system height goes up to 7.52 meters.

Sometimes the warehouse is lower and has fewer levels. For the 425 mm bins, the maximum height is 14 bins, or in other words, 6 meters in height. This figure rises to 8.18 meters upon incorporating the robots, side fences, and the service area.

Free space between the ceiling and the top of the grid

 At Element Logic, we always recommend leaving a free space of at least two meters between the ceiling and the top of the grid, which allows the AutoStore robots to circulate and for the assistance and service team to operate correctly.

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